The Witcher Showrunner Explains How She Deals With Internet Hate


Lauren Hissrich has something to say about dealing with Twitter backlash.

The showrunner for Netflix’s upcoming The Witcher series re-addressed fans’ mixed reaction to the casting call for prominent character Ciri earlier today. When someone asked Hissrich how to “deal with the hate” within the fandom, Hissrich responded in a series of positivity-packed tweets.

Hi. Good question. I’d be lying to say it doesn’t impact me at times — I’m an actual human being! I’ve spent a year pouring my whole heart into this project, so when comments get personal and vicious, it can feel overwhelming.

But — it’s not all hate. That’s important to know.

— Lauren S. Hissrich (@LHissrich) October 14, 2018

Hang in there. Have faith. Don’t let it break your heart. Just remember — nothing can take the excitement for this show away from me, or you.

And with that — I’m off for a bit! Time to go make this thing!! ♥️⚔️

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